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Go Green Lunch Box FAQs

Q: Can I put the food container in the microwave?

A: Though it is microwave-safe, it is never recommended to place any plastic products in the microwave.
Q: May I put yogurt, apple sauce, salad dressing, or pudding-like food products in the compartments?

A: Yes. The revolutionary 'turn ‘n lock' technology ensures that your child’s lunch stays fresh and within its compartment.

Q: My lunchbox has small white dots/marks, is this normal?
A: Yes. Lunchboxes may have small white dots/marks - this is a formula mixed with the plastic to prevent cracking if the lunchbox is dropped. This is not considered as a fault & will not effect the use of the lunchbox.
Q: How do I clean the fabric carrier?

A: The carrying bag is ONLY intended to carry the food box/food contained WITHIN the food box, and also, is not intended to be submerged/washed under running water. Please wipe clean with light, damp cloth.  Please do not place the carrying bag in a washing machine.
Q: How do I clean the food container and water bottle?

A1: The food container’s retention clips are easily unfastened, so the lid and box can be separated and washed with warm soapy water.

A2: Due to the inconsistent heat temperatures of many dishwashers, we do not recommended putting the food box in the dishwasher.

A3: For best results, and due to their light weight, we recommend the lid’s five silicone bands be removed daily and hand-washed.
Q:  How do I put the silicone bands back in the food box lid?

A:  The circumference of the silicone bands are purposely slightly larger than the channels into which they fit, because there has to be enough flex in the bands such that when the lid is closed/tabs locked, the downward pressure causes the bands to 'bulge' outwards to create the leakproof seal around each compartment.  If the bands fit just right/snug, then 'leakproof' is not guaranteed (because there is no “bulging of the bands” to form the proper seal).  Therefore, it is important that, after removing/washing the bands, they have to be completely tucked back into their respective channels.
Q: How should I store my lunchbox set?

A: The fabric bag and food container should be stored separately and in open positions, to ensure proper ventilation.
Q: Do I need new bands?  Seems like they are stretched because I put them in the wrong lid channels?

A:  First, please understand that silicone’s elastic property is different from that of rubber (such as a rubber band) – though it stretches, it doesn’t stay stretched permanently [if left alone, it goes back to its original shape (placing silicone in hot water definitely will speed up the process)].



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